Find your Fortune

In On The Homestead by healthyadmin

Recently, my 8 year old daughter Megan and I were walking down our lane on a beautiful spring day after school.  Suddenly, my daughter started jumping up and down in exci20150428_195623[1]tement and rushed over to me to show me her amazing find of a genuine four-leaf clover!  We had been talking about how beautiful all the clover was, with several different varieties growing along the lane and in the surrounding fields.  And lo and behold, Megan found herself a genuine four-leaf clover, a universal omen of good luck!

You would think this would be sufficient for this amazing child of mine, who continually impresses me and teaches me as much as I teach her.  In the weeks following her first clover find, incredibly, Megan has found over a dozen four leaf clovers, two five leaf clovers, and one six leaf clover.  Not all were found on our property either.  One she found at school during recess.  One was outside a restaurant in town.  One was found at a friend’s house.  One she discovered at a park.  Out of curiosity (because I’m weird that way) I looked up the probability statistics.  According to what I was able to find, the likelihood of finding a four-leaf clover is about 1 in 10,000 and of finding a five-leaf clover is 1 in 1,000,000!  Yep, I guess that would make Megan pretty darn lucky, right?  Or is it something else?

Once Megan realized that it was truly possible to find a four-leaf clover, she knew in her heart that she could do it again.  Not only that, but she was always looking when we were outside, meaning she was doing the work and persevering in her quest, irregardless of the “odds”.  She wanted to find more, set it as a priority, and then did what needed to be done. While she was working towards her goal, she did the work cheerfully, confidently, and with a grateful heart.  And she was rewarded with incredible success!

How 20150511_202018[1]many times have I heard people say that they want to find their own four-leaf clover (aka good fortune and success)?  Yet at the same time, they don’t have their eyes open to the possibility or aren’t even out there LOOKING.  They just want the clover to come to them, or they want it to be easy without effort.  Or, they may be putting in the effort, but they do it grudgingly with complaining, discontent, and an unhappy heart.   God teaches us in the Bible (through Solomon) that we should be like ants and work hard yet at the same time we need to be joyful, thankful, and loving.  Then, through His grace we may find our four-leaf clover.

Interestingly, in Irish tradition the Shamrock or three-leaf clover represents the Holy Trinity:  one leaf for the Father, one leaf for the Son and one leaf for the Holy Spirit.  The fourth leaf, when a four-leaf clover is found, represents God’s Grace.  Legend has it that Eve carried a four-leaf clover out of the Garden of Eden to remember God’s Amazing Grace.  So if you are truly looking for “Luck,” you will find it in the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and God’s Grace.  But you will only find it if you are looking for it…with a happy heart.  May you find your four-leaf clover today, both literally and figuratively, and may you experience the joy and peace that comes from God’s Grace.