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Hand Milking or Machine Milking

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Milking goats and cows is such a rewarding experience.  There’s something so relaxing and soothing about spending time with our animals, talking to them and sometimes singing to them while they contentedly chomp on hay during milking time.  After years of milking by hand, however, I found myself tempted to get a milking machine to cut down on the time spent …

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Spring Garden Planting Guide

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Gardening is such a fun and rewarding hobby, one that is so very healthy both physically and mentally…plus offers healthy, delicious fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other goodies.  If you’re new to gardening, the process can seem a bit overwhelming at first.  If that’s you, start small.  Pick a couple favorite foods you’d like to grow and start there; especially if …

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What We Feed Our Goats

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Once you make the decision to welcome an animal to your homestead, you take on the responsibility for the health and well-being of that animal.  When it comes to care, there are three schools of thought;  one: you can go with the modernized, traditional approach of commercial feeds and supplements, two:  you can opt for a completely natural approach, and …

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Best Goat Herbal Supplements We’ve Found

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When it comes to goats, supplementation just ends up being a part of the equation so we’d like to share our favorite natural goat herbal supplement. Goats are, in their natural habitat, foragers and will graze on a wide variety of grasses, brush, bark, and leaves.  In a domestic environment where they are primarily confined to pasture, they can’t get …

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White Bean Chicken Chili

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I’m always on the lookout for fast, easy, economical, and delicious healthy recipes.  My friend Bobi shared this White Bean Chicken Chili recipe with me and it is so very good, made from staple ingredients, and takes less than 10 minutes to make!  If you’re using a Power Pressure Cooker like the InstaPot or GoWise USA Cooker, you can have …

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Homemade Groceries: Make Your Own Chili Seasoning

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Here at Healthy Homestead Living, we love chili.  It falls into that category of comfort food and there’s nothing better at the end of a long day than to sit down to dinner with a steaming bowl of delicious chili goodness.  True Homestead chili is made with home-grown beef, garden canned tomatoes, and our special homemade chili seasoning.  With no …

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Best Ways to Preserve Apples

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It’s apple picking season!  This year produced an abundant crop of big, juicy apples in our orchard so we have been busy preserving apples here on the homestead.  Not only did our trees give us bushels of apples, but our neighbors trees were also full and they graciously offered their harvest to us as well.  So, we have had plenty …

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How to Re-Liquify Crystallized Honey

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Do you love honey but find it frustrating when you go to use some honey and find that it has become crystallized honey and no longer spreadable?  We have the perfect solution! Honey is, next to Stevia, our favorite sweetener here at Healthy Homestead Living.  Not only does honey taste good, but it can be good for you too!  Honey …

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Garlic Planting Time

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Here in the Ozarks of Missouri, the days are just about as perfect as it gets.  Cool mornings with sparkling dew on the grass, deep blue skies, and warm days.  October is my favorite month of the year and I try to spend as much time outside as I can…especially time with the horses and time in the garden.  And …

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Homemade Groceries: Make Your Own Vanilla

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Vanilla is one of those amazingly delicious ingredients that makes almost any dessert, smoothie, or batter recipe taste better!  We love vanilla and use it extensively.  Good vanilla can be hard to find, however and crazy expensive.  It’s super easy to make yourself and is fast, fun, economical, and a popular gift idea.  Check out this video to learn how …